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Physical Property (Passed U.S.A. ANSI/ICPA-SS-2001 Solid Surface Standard)
Solid Surface Property Test Result Test Methods
Hardness (Barcol's hardness) 60-85 ASTM-D-2583
Tensile-resisting strength 6000psi ASTM-D-638
Tensile-resisting module 1.6*106psi ASTM-D-638
Flexural strength module 8000psi ASTM-D-790
Resistance to flexural module 1.6*104psi ASTM-D-790
Extension rate 0.5%min ASTM-D-638
Specific gravity 1.7-1.75 ASTM 792
Thermal expansion 2,5*105 in/in ASTM-D-696
Water absorption <0.07% (24hrs) ASTM-D-570
Bump resistance: solid surface No Breakage: 12ft 1/2lb ball ANSI-Z124.3
Bump resistance: solid surface >10fLlbs Gardner Impacter
IZOD (notch)
IZOD crash test (notch)
0.35R-lbs./in ASTM-D-256
(60 Gardner)
Lustre degree
5(min)-80(max) NEMA-LD-3-3.15

Resistance to fire (level A):fire spreading
Smoke spreading


Stain resistance PASSED (42) ANSI-Z124.3
Germ resistance property MAY NOT BREED ASTM-G-21 G-22
Heat resistance (surface) NO CHANGE NEMA-LD-3-3.05
Thermal endurance NO CHANGE NEMA-LD-3.3.06
Water resistance & sanition PASSED ANSI-Z124.3 124.6
Color stability NO CHANGE NEMA-LD-3-3.10


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