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  No Change (1000 hrs) ASTM-D-1499
Season resistance    
Castle Rock's Adhesive with double group Arcyclate construction    
The double-group arcyclate adhesive may mix well with artificial
rock and composite materials, which may minimum the time
for the process.
Property Nature:    
Resistance to abrasion, water resistance, endurable,
high strength and tenacity
Good season resistance    
-40    +100    
Scope of thermal endurance: -40    +100    
>25Mpa              >25Mpa    
Adhesive strength: Tensile strength>25Mpa Cutting strength>25Mpa  
25, 15-25, 1-3    
Solidified time: at 25, solidified initially after 15-20 minutes,
the highest strength may reach after 1-3 hours
A    :B    = 10: 1    :   2    
Double group: Group A:Group B=10:1 Storage term: 2 years  


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